Other Name, Same Person

Sheesh, what a year. I’ve gotten married and adopted my wife’s name. So if you see anything by a guy called Wolfgang Obergassel, that’s me. I’m curious to see how long word will take to get around.


Life intrudes

Probably no blogging for the next three weeks or so.

China Quadruples 2015 Solar Power Target!

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The global solar marketplace has a huge glut of solar panels and solar cells. This is the top reason why solar panel prices have plunged in the past year or so. And China’s tremendous manufacturing output is certainly a big part of that oversupply.


Now, it seems the country is looking to help relieve that glut a lot more by quadrupling its 2015 solar power targets! The new 2015 target is reportedly 21 GW of installed solar power capacity. This is quadruple its initial 2015 target. (Though, notably, a little more than one year ago, the country doubled its target to 10 GW, and it increased it again to 15 GW in December.)

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