German Economy Minister Rösler Keeps His Job

Following up from yesterday’s post, it’s now settled that Rösler will continue as FDP leader. According to news reports, he offered to resign in an internal meeting of the party leadership, but under the condition that his successor would be Rainer Brüderle, the chair of the FDP in the German parliament. Who declined, despite having criticised Rösler earlier, insinuating that he wanted the position. So Rösler is probably set to stay on as economy minister as well. Brüderle will instead be the FDP’s top candidate in the upcoming federal election this September. Some commentators think that this is the worst possible setup for the FDP. In their opinion the party now has two weak top dogs, Rösler is still being criticised and Brüderle has shown that he lacks courage. In addition, CDU and FDP did lose the Lower Saxony election after all, Social Democrats and Greens clinched a one-seat majority. Which does not augur well for the federal prospects of Angela Merkel’s governing coalition, but the Social Democrats’ candidate for the chancellorship, Peer Steinbrück, is also losing support due to a recent series of public gaffes. Seems that there’s a tough federal election ahead this summer.

Meanwhile, Reuters reports that the price of EU allowances has fallen below 5 Euros and the Commission once again calls on member states  and the European Parliament to urgently agree on fixing the EU ETS.

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