Greenpeace to Go on a “War Footing” after Rio+20?

As reported by the Guardian, Greenpeace may react to the failures of the multilateral processes, of which the impending failure of the Rio summit is only the latest one, with increased civil disobedience. The Guardian quotes Kumi Naidoo with saying,

“We have to ask ourselves what history teaches us in terms of how change happens when humanity has faced a big challenge, such as civil rights, apartheid or slavery.”

“It is only when decent men and women said enough is enough and no more and were prepared to put their lives on the line and go to prison if necessary, and that is where we are. We have to intensify civil disobedience.”

I personally don’t much care about the war analogy but I have been convinced for quite a while that bottom-up pressure is probably the only chance there is to get out of this mess. As was shown by the German nuclear phaseout. The German government didn’t reverse its course because it had some epiphany but because there were hundreds of thousands of people in the streets.

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