Bonn Side Event Presentations Online

For those interested in the arcana of new market mechanisms and NAMAs, I was involved in three side events at the latest Bonn climate talks and the presentations are now all online on the UNFCCC side event list and linked to below. With particular thanks to Joelle de Sépibus and Harald Winkler for speaking at the side event organised by the Wuppertal Institute.

16 May 2012
Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS)
Ms. Monica Alessi
+32 472 721868
Carbon markets and new mechanisms: architecture and modalities & procedures
CEPS Carbon Market Forum presents an interim Task Force report on New Market Mechanisms. It examines issues such as the modalities and procedures (M&P) for the New Mechanism defined in Durban, the role of the Framework, the role of the UNFCCC, interactions with NAMAs and proposes possible options.
Explanation note merger [36 kb]
Agenda CEPS [188 kb]
Agenda EU [36 kb]
Presentation Andrei Marcu[666 kb]
Presentation Stefan Bakker[420 kb]
Presentation Martin Cames [24 kb]
Presentation Wolfgang Sterk[1 Mb]
16 May 2012
Transport Research Foundation (TRF)
Ms. Anne Binsted
+44 1344 770568
Bridging the Gap between transport and climate change
This event will present recent findings from TRF, GIZ, UITP, Veolia Transdev & ITDP on transport NAMAs & related opportunities to build capacity & achieve sustainable climate change mitigation from land transport. Experts and negotiators will discuss topical issues such as climate finance & MRV.
Designing a Successful Transport NAMA Agenda [385 kb]
Side Event Presentation from Heather Allen – ‘Designing Successful Transport NAMAs!’[733 kb]
Side Event presentation from Wolfgang Sterk ‘South-North-South cooperation in the development of transport NAMAs: The TRANSfer project’ [345 kb]
Side Event Presentation from Dr – Harald Diad-Bone ‘Nationally-appropriate mitigation actions as a means to obtain recognition and support for low-carbon transport interventions’ [2 Mb]
Side Event presentation from Geraldine Ang ‘Towards a Green Investment Policy Framework: The case of low-carbon, resilient surface transport infrastructure’ [2 Mb]
18 May 2012
Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy
Mr. Wolfgang Sterk

+49 202 2492149
Designing New Market Mechanisms
The Durban conference defined a new market mechanism, with the modalities and procedures to be adopted this year. This side event will convene an expert discussion on how the new mechanism should be designed to scale up mitigation actions while safeguarding enviromental integrity.
Programme [106 kb]
1-Sterk-Sectoral-Proposals-Challenges [1 Mb]
2-Desepibus-Centralised-Decentralised [84 kb]
3-Winkler-NMM-Sustainable-Development [737 kb]
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