Happy Denmark? Part 2: “I will rather invest in cycle tracks than freeways”

The new Danish government is apparently not content with ramping up greenhouse gas and renewables targets, they apparently now also have a bike-crazy Economy and Interior Minister (!). Margrethe Vestager and the other ministers from her party came by bike for their formal presentation to the Queen and she apparently wants to sink her ministry’s money into bike infrastructure rather than car infrastructure (and Denmark is already pretty bike-friendly to begin with). This Danish blog quotes her as saying:

Denmark is going to be the best cycling country in the world. Cycling leads to better public health, a cleaner urban environment, and helps us reach our climatic goals. So I will rather invest in cycle tracks than freeways!

My political vision is to increase the modal share of cycling by 50 % over 10 years and that at least half of all new bike rides represent a switch from car to bike. This requires that we build more and better cycle tracks and that it becomes attractive to choose the bicycle over the car.

I’m trying to imagine a German economy minister saying something like that but it’s just impossible.

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